&Copy; 2014 Sara Davis Laughter Lines

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A Virile Viking Visits Enfield

 Long ago in days of yore

A virile Viking came ashore,

He moored his longboat by the Lea

And tied it to a sturdy tree.

He gazed around just taking measure

And then set out to find a treasure.

With helmet winged and battle axe

He said ”I’ll find a place to sack”.

Capel Manor caught his eye.

The gate was barred and far too high

Twas guarded by a monster dark

That wagged it’s tail and gave a bark.

“O fearsome monster where’s your Owner,

I need to loot a sack of Kroner”

“Keep Away”, the monster yapped,

“My master really can’t be tapped”.

He settled down beside a tree,

With Danish pastries for his tea,

Then finds a clue, no more to rove,

A Windmill’s by the treasure trove.

Now Windmill Hill to me is near,

So in this saga I appear,

He asked me where the treasure lay,

I said to him “just go away.

We don’t need you in Enfield village,

If you’ve come to rape and pillage.”

With that he dragged me by the hair

To his boat --- which wasn’t there!!

With great sadness he was smitten

He was stuck here in Great Britain,

But all’s not lost for you can see

He’s no regrets the treasures’ me.