&Copy; 2014 Sara Davis Laughter Lines

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Seat Belts


Oh how I hate the ruddy things

I swear they bear a grudge

I can never do them up

At times they never budge.


I pull and pull and fight and fight

I cannot get them free,

And on occasions when I do

They won’t click in for me.


My son-in-law gets really mad

He thinks I’m not all there,

Till I belt up he will not start

I struggle and I swear.


The other day when I went out

My friend was by my side,

For once amazing! Mine clicked in

“I can’t do mine” she cried.

I leaned across and tugged and pulled

She shrieked with ahs! and ohs!

“That’s not the seat belt that you’ve got

You’re pulling off my clothes!”

In the end she held the belt

I shivered at the back,

Suppose we crash, the driver’s bad

A speeding maniac.


So if you find me by a car

Ashamed and in disgrace,

The seat belt and the car seat too

I’ve managed to displace.