&Copy; 2014 Sara Davis Laughter Lines

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The Ancient Knight

Once upon a time one day

A wondrous knight just came my way.

And this knight in shining armour

Seemed undoubtedly a charmer.

He’d been searching far and wide

To find a lady for his bride.

Now listen here I don’t want laughter

It’s not a toy boy that I’m after,

But when this knight drew back his visor

About his age I was then wiser.

Long past his ten and year’s three score

He’d surely fought in many a war.

What hair he had with grey was sprinkled

And boy oh boy his face was wrinkled.

He’d ventured out on his crusade

And said to me “My day you’ve made”.

He toppled off his charger white

Goodness gracious what a sight!

Got on his knee and no surprise

The poor old coot he could not rise.

A knee replacement’s what he needs

For future rides on trusty steeds.

I sat him down at my round table

And asked him if he’s fit and able.

But spending every night and day

With armour plating in the way

Was not a thing I’d like to try

With a guy no longer spry.

So now I’ll say and state it boldly

“I don’t need a golden oldie,

Sire take your sword and joust

In another maiden’s house”.