&Copy; 2014 Sara Davis Laughter Lines

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Next (right)

Next (right)

Strictly Dancing

The Music played – His way he made

And gave a bow and I said “Wow”.

He took my hand, we looked so grand

His Tux just right, my floaty white.

The Tango first, all unrehearsed

And then the Waltz all free of faults.

And next a jive, I felt alive

His expert lead helped me succeed.

With Foxtrot smooth and flowing move

The viewers’ roars became applause.

And next with ease Waltz Viennese

With swirly skirt and starchy shirt.

The Cha Cha Cha our best by far

With quickstep bright we end the night.

But time has passed, and I’m aghast

I’m lying down in my night gown

And I could scream, it’s all a Dream