&Copy; 2014 Sara Davis Laughter Lines

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Musings of a Mannequin

 In this window you can see

The different clothes they place on me.

On a beach today I stand

My feet all covered by the sand.

I wear a swimming cosy cool

The men they ogle and they drool.

And ladies look at me and pine

They wish their figures were like mine.

 Tomorrow it is bridal wear

Star struck couples bound to stare.

The other day a kid looked in

And to the window pressed his chin

Then at me his tongue he poked

He got a slap and nearly choked.

 My clothes have gone and now I’m nude

Everyone will think I’m rude.

But with horror I am gripped

I’m fairly old with some parts chipped.

I think they’re taking me away

They’ll put a new one on display

And to the basement I’ll be sent

With all the others cracked and bent.

If I could cry you’d see and hear

My sobbing and one single tear.