&Copy; 2014 Sara Davis Laughter Lines

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The True Story of Adam and Eve

Eve said to Adam “I’m tired of it here, this garden is making me sick,

Why don’t we start a dancing club, time would rush by in a tick”.

“We need more people” said Adam to Eve, “it’s no good telling you fibs”,

“That’s easy” said Eve a glint in her eye “All we need are more ribs”.

They asked the serpent for his advice – he looked back in hisssssstory,

But everything prior to Adam and Eve was shrouded in mystery.

Eve was sad and started to cry, Adam gave her a kiss very sound

Behind the tree of knowledge they rushed, for reasons no need to expound.

In time they  got fruitful and multiplied – and being extremely prolific,

Guys and Gals in galore they produced – that apple was surely terrific.

Alas from the garden they were expelled, the Tree exchanged for a shrub,

But between them they certainly managed to get a huge load of  folk “In the Club”