&Copy; 2014 Sara Davis Laughter Lines

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Lovely Ladies

Pavlova sashayed and did pas de deux

And kept all the audience hushed.

Salome danced with her seven veils

And it’s told even Herod blushed.

Carmen Miranda Wiggled Around

But the fruit on her head wasn’t bitten.

Gypsy Rose Lee was the stripping queen

One look and the guys were all smitten.

And the can can girls at the Moulin Rouge

Would from Tolouse Lautrec get some smiles.

Think of poor Samson who lost all his strength

Because of Delilah’s wiles.

And even today nothing seems to have changed

In this age of Macdonalds and Wimpy,

The men rush home to look at “Come Dancing”

Watching girls in their costumes so skimpy.

My Friend

I’ve wandered many a mile with you

To countries far and wide

I’ve held you oh so lovingly

And looked at you with pride.

I know which button I must press

To get you to obey

I keep you very close to me

Through every single day.

The more I roam the more I find

I’ve end results prolific

My expertise, your first class lens

Makes photographs terrific.