&Copy; 2014 Sara Davis Laughter Lines

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Next (right)

Next (right)


I’m off on my vacation and I’m sure it will be fun

But here it is, the night before with packing to be done.

I put this in, I put that in and then I take it out

Will I really wear this lot, I think there is some doubt.

The case at last has now been filled, it’s time to go to bed

But I’m afraid I’m up all night as thoughts pass through my head.

It’s morning now and all is well the taxi’s nearly due

Passport, money, all I need, there’s nothing more to do


Security is straight ahead, I slowly wander through

But blow me down, I hear a ping and this is nothing new

Every time when I go through it always makes a sound

What is it that I have on? I wish it could be found.

My hearing aid, my glasses chain, the hooks upon my bra

Something sets it off each time, it really is bizarre.

They feel me here, they feel me there, they take away my shoes

Very soon I am afraid my temper I will lose.

2 weeks have passed, I’m home at last but can’t get in the door

I forgot to cancel papers and letters strew the floor.

I turn on my computer next, and look at all my mail,

80, 90 more and more, my pc’s going to fail.

Never mind, my hols were good, next time I’ll cruise the med

Providing the economy’s not put me in the red.